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Products & Services


Gas Oil :

We offer MGO at different sulphur levels, starting at 0.001% sulphur to DMA specifications. The most common grades being
  • MGO DMA - max 1% sulphur
  • LS MGO - max 0.05% sulphur
  • ULS D(ultra low sulphur Diesel - max 0.001% sulphur

Fuel Oil :

We offer IFO at different cSt levels, starting from 380cSt. The most common grades being
  • 380cSt
  • 180cSt

All products are based on industry specifications or can be customized to your own requirements please send us your requirements or specifications and we will gladly send you our quotations


Diesel Trading :

Elite Petroleum actively trades in Diesel , IFO 180 and IFO 380 with brokers ,professional traders and with end user in the industry worldwide.

Bunkering services:

All bunkering services provided by EP are according to the industry standards and ensure efficiency,safety and quality to all our customers.